Editor’s Essay: Anna Carmichael ‘18

Anna Carmichael
Anna Carmichael ‘18 – periodiCALS Summer 2015 Editor

“Enjoy Ithaca’s two months of warm weather--spend a summer here!” is  #31 on the Cornell Daily Sun’s list of 161 Things Every Cornellian Should Do, and I can safely say that I have crossed this off my 161 things-to-do list. I have lived in a small town right outside of Ithaca for most of my life, so this summer I decided I wanted to live at home and work at Cornell, so that I would be with my family and friends and pursuing my interests in working with people and writing.

I spent my summer working in the CALS Communications office writing articles and blog posts, getting to know and laugh with the CALS Communications team members, and meeting and talking with students who spent their summers doing research and internships from places from Ithaca to India. I also happily attended events with free Cornell Dairy ice cream and cheese--if you haven’t tried either of these, I highly recommend you go to the Cornell Dairy store ASAP.

Although I was nervous to conduct my first interview with a CALS student for this special issue of PeriodiCALS, by the end of the summer, speaking with students was one of my favorite parts of the job. I have my own interests that are very different from other students, but it was amazing to listen to my peers tell me about their passions. As a communication major, I will probably never spend time conducting research on DNA in a lab, but listening to my classmates speak about it was inspiring.

Each student I spoke to was happy to share his or her summer experiences with me. My favorite question to ask was: “Was there any really great advice you were given over the summer?” Every student I spoke with was able to share a unique lesson about research--or life-- which will ultimately help them prepare for their futures.

In my spare time, I enjoyed spending time cooking, running and hiking. I also took a statistics class at a local college, which kept me busy. My favorite part of the summer was volunteering to be a foster parent for the Tompkins County SPCA, which included bottle-feeding and taking care of two adorable kittens, Milo and Henri, for two months before they were able to find loving, permanent homes.

Cornell is a beautiful place year round, even though it can be absolutely freezing, but it is a truly incredible place during the summer. The grass is green, plants are flowering, and the weather is warm. I am so happy I was able to meet so many more fellow CALS students while combining my interests and growing my skillset.