A Fit for Fashion

By Anna Carmichael ‘18

Felicia Kuhnreich
Felicia Kuhnreich ’17

Personal style is not only important to individuals, but companies have personal styles as well--especially fashion companies. Felicia Kuhnreich ’17 explored marketing and branding in her summer interning at Alice + Olivia, a contemporary fashion company located in New York City.

Kuhnreich, an applied economics and management major, worked in the integrated marketing department to promote the brand’s presence.

“This department is very important because we were responsible for making sure Alice + Olivia has a consistent brand and message,” she said. “Alice + Olivia is fun and feminine, and my department made sure that the brand stayed true to that image.”

At first it was challenging to evaluate if an image or art fit the brand image, Kuhnreich explained--especially if she liked it--but over time it became easier to see what fit and what didn’t.

She spent a lot of time researching where advertising efforts should go, since there are so many different ways to get messaging across, including traditional marketing channels like magazines and newer marketing channels like social media.

“I worked with social media and learned how to analyze the data,” said Kuhnreich. “The analysis showed which media platforms and posts gained the most traction, and with that information my department was able to better steer our marketing strategy.”

Kuhnreich spent a lot of time working on promoting the brand’s presence, but she was also able to help with a photo shoot and attend a sample sale—one of many perks of her internship.

“I worked with people who were really open to my questions,” said Kuhnreich. “And I got to work in an industry that allowed me to think creatively while applying everything that I have learned in my major.”